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About Mike's Computer Service

My name is Mike Houston. Located in Southampton, Ontario, Canada, I am an A+ and Microsoft certified computer technician who offers on-site computer services to homes and small businesses in the Port Elgin and Southampton area at reasonable, nice guy rates. I troubleshoot and solve operating system and software problems, replace hardware (only if necessary or practical!), and I am adept at the removal of viruses/trojans/spyware/malware from Windows. Yes, I will do my personal best to salvage your operating system installation where practical. I will not format and reload unless it is absolutely necessary, so that you don't have to start over with all your applications. I will also preserve your documents, pictures and music where possible.

I also provide personalized instruction on the use of computers and the Internet. I can help you learn fundamental concepts like working with files and folders, which will make your life so much easier when it comes time to save files and retrieve them again, for example, when you want to send them to others. I can help you to understand what you are doing, rather than just memorizing steps, and this will be applicable to other tasks. I can also help you to use various Internet applications like Web browsers, email programs and other communication programs like Skype.

Linux/Unix users need not feel left out in the cold either for I can help with those kinds of PC operating systems as well. Perhaps you would like to try a free alternative to Windows that is more reliable and secure.

However, I am neither a computer store, nor a retailer of new or used hardware, and not a carry-in repair shop. I make "house calls". If I decide I need to utilize my own work area where I have access to all of my resources, I will take your system, fix it, deliver it to you, set it up again and make sure that your devices and Internet connection are working. I do keep a few commonly used replacement parts for convenience, but if hardware is required I purchase it on your behalf. I charge no markup and provide the receipt from where it was purchased. Alternatively you can purchase hardware or software yourself and I will be happy to install it for you. I may also be able to recommend and provide free alternatives to commercial software packages.

While not necessarily limited to this, I routinely perform the following:

Hardware, Software and Operating System troubleshooting
Operating System, Driver and Software Installation
Data Backups and Transfer
Set up of Computer Systems, Peripherals and Networking Devices (e.g. wireless routers)
Internet Setup (e.g. Dialup, Cheetah/Sympatico DSL, Email Setup etc.)
Virus/Malware Removal and General Cleanup
Personalized Lessons for General Computer and Internet Use

If you are in the near vicinity of Port Elgin or Southampton (Saugeen Shores), Ontario, Canada, you may contact me to inquire about on-site service. I am sorry, but it is impractical for me to travel far.

Call (519) 797-5655 for service, or use the contact button below.

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