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Oh... That's the PCTel modem, not the conexant at all. (I just went and clicked on all the modem drivers to see the filenames)

I'm beginning to hate downloading drivers from Dell. Yesterday, I had to format a Dell Optiplex system and I put XP on there instead of the Windows 2000 he had on there (He had no disks, so I had him fork out for a copy of XP that I had previously bought for someone who might need it). XP didn't have drivers for much of anything on that system (including the onboard ethernet) so I went home to download drivers from Dell, thinking it would be easy. Well, they listed so many different components for his model that I had no clue what was in the machine, even armed with the "service tag" number. So I went back and installed a network card so I could connect to the Internet and used a PCI bus sniffer program to get a dump of all the hardware that was really in the machine, so I could download the correct drivers.
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