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Hi Mike:

The modem recommended by the vendor and which I ordered was the same number (OE828) as the one that came with the notebook.

Unfortunately I just found out through the Dell users forum that the card in the unit and the replacement I bought was for a Dell C640 not the C400.

Also in the forum, there are numerous reports on problems trying to install the OE828 into the C640.

My mistake for taking the suppliers word that he was shipping me the correct card instead of digging further before ordering.

I have been in touch with the supplier and advised that I wish to return the OE828 for a Y0231 which according to Dell was the original card in the C400 and for which there are downloads available on their support site.

In order to try to put this to bed once and for all, I even offered to forget about the price difference $33.02 vs $13.97 and just ship the correct card.

Now its wait and see if they will meet my request.

Thanks Marv.
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