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Privacy Policy

Every site needs to have a privacy policy, and this one is no different. Mine is, however, very simple.

I will not share your contact info with any other parties. I will not spam you, and nor will I give your email address to spammers. Any information you submit to me will be kept confidential. The only way I will even get this information is if you provide it to me during the submission of an order or contact form. I have absolutely no tolerance for the practice of treating private information as a commodity. I think that is enough said, and I would hope that you will respect my privacy in the same way.

You will not be bombarded with popup advertisements, and you will not get adware installed here.

I will also not set any sort of "tracking cookie" on your machine. At this time, the only cookies set by this site are for the forum area. Rest assured that they are purely for storing your own chosen preferences, and for logging onto the forum. Cookies get a bad reputation, but if used respectably they are just harmless strings of text used to store a site's preferences. Proper cookies should only be readable by the site that placed them.

PayPal uses cookies respectably. If you use PayPal to make a payment for services at this site, PayPal, as always, will place cookies. Please see PayPal's Privacy Policy.